Our Program

Children of Hope is committed to providing a positive and hands-on Christian learning environment. We will nurture the students’ spiritual, social-emotional, cognitive and physical growth through a child-centered developmental curriculum.

We form a true partnership with the family to build a strong foundation that will foster a life-long love of learning. A strong Christian foundation is developed through participation in Chapel, Bible stories, songs and prayers.

Children of Hope is an active member of the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association .

2-Year-Old Program

Our two year old class is a three-hour class that meets two days a week in which a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities occur. Structuring the environment and planning activities for self-directed play and learning is a fundamental part of the program.

Curriculum activities include dramatic play, open-ended creative and sensory experiences (painting, sand and water play, modeling clay, collage activities, etc), construction activities with blocks and manipulative toys, gardening, cooking and outdoor activities.

3-Year-Old Program

Our three year old classes meet for 3 hours each day, two or three days per week. The class works toward helping the children verbalize their feelings and needs and in developing positive social relations. “Tell him how you feel” is heard often with three-year-olds.

At three, there is more role-play and more cooperative play. By the end of the year, playgroups have often increased in size with four or five children interacting in the housekeeping corner or on the playground with imaginative play. There are group times, which include songs, stories, finger plays, art, music, and fun body movement activities. In addition, basic introduction into early childhood academics is explored.

4-Year-Old Program (Pre-K)

Our four year old pre-kindergarten classes meet for a three-hour block of time and includes a wide variety of school experiences made possible by 3 or 4 school days per week. All children in this group, by age, will be eligible for Kindergarten the following year.

A typical day in this program will provide developmentally appropriate experiences in all domains: cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. This theme and center-based program allows children to utilize materials in more complex and extended ways. Near the end of the year, the staff discusses with the parents their perception of the children’s readiness for Kindergarten.